Flowers, Or Perhaps We Should Say “Florals,” In The House

Today is Flowers In The House day. Jane, at Small But Charming, is a florist, and today she and her buddies post photos of their arrangements. A wonderful way to start the week.

I like to participate when I can, but it’s also Annual Nothing Blooms In Northern California Day, and I have only the memory of my wedding bouquet. Besides, all other arrangements pale in in my heart.

Lisa's Bouquet, by saipua

However, I do have some florals in the house. Sturdy Gals have to be careful with florals, as with polka dots, to avoid our Scylla and Charybdis of Cutsey and Dopey. Artsy Cousins can flower it up, as long as the the blooms are Indonesian. Moroccan, in a pinch. Grandes Dames, of course, own the genre.

But I can work up enthusiasm for Liberty of London.This shirt, bought in 2012 from J. Crew, remains a favorite.


J. Crew waves the Liberty flag even today. I can’t decide which one of these shirts I like better. Pink peasant blouse? On sale from $188 to $129, small sizes only. Extra 40% off with code FUNSALE.

J. Crew Liberty Blouse, Pink

Or multi-color popover, down from $159 to $99. Again, small sizes, and the final sale code of FUNSALE.


Or you know, some shoes, in a bunch of sizes.

Liberty of London Gold-Edged Sandals

Notice how I just dropped those in here as though they aren’t the cutest things ever? On sale for $129, and then take additional 40% off, down from $328.

However, while I happily acknowledge the genius that is Jenna Lyons, I think even she might concede to the Flower God.  Erdem. His flowers are only dreams in my house. Witness this shift. Paillettes for extra credit. Was $5220. Now $1566, plus 20% additional off with the GIFTNOW code. As long as we’re counting.

Erdem Dress From net-a-porter

Or this, for someone’s avant-garde wedding. No sale. Sorry. But do look at it up close for the sheer craft. $6,275.

Erdem "Wedding" Dress

Of course, he does make some slightly less stratospheric pieces. Nordstrom offers us a ponte shift, for $895. I didn’t say affordable, now did I? We’ll ignore the completely inappropriate shoe styling. There are times for brogues and this is not one of them.

Erdem Nordstrom


Again, you will find Jane and her true flower cohort, here. And now, let’s do Monday.


Bouquet: By Brooklyn-based Saipua, photo by Emilia Jane Photography.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which generate commissions.

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  • There is nothing like flowers to perk up a dreary house on a winter’s day. Sadly, there are none in the Prepatorium! I like your alternatives, especially the Liberty pieces: vibrant without being twee. Erdem is a dream here also, I’ve seen a certain Duchess wearing his pieces very well.

    Sending you a smile for the new week,

  • Those shoes are absolutely darling! I am careful with florals – with my height (and lately my width since my holiday gluttony has taken its toll) they need to be small prints like the first two blouses you show.

    Off to see if those sandals come in my size!

  • I like the brogues. They give me hope that I might dare to wear a dress again.

    7:03 pm
    Lisa said...


  • Your bouquet was fabulous!
    I shy away from florals but make an exception for Liberty prints….that Erdem dress could have been on the red carpet at the Golden Globes last night!

  • Well your bar is set very high with that bouquet….but we like the bar high don’t we?

    I’m kinds crazy about that second blouse. surely I deserve a gift, I just scheduled my surgery.

    So nice to have you back for FITH.

    xo j

  • I love a floral dress! thanks for the inspiration.

  • I love those sandals. Now that’s a floral I would wear!

  • Gorgeous flowers. I tend to like the idea of florals more than the actual wearing of them, but liberty shirts fit my style, and I love to dream about a special Erdem dress, luckily destined to remain in my fantasy life.

  • Amazing wedding bouquet, and by Saipua–wow.

    I love the peasant blouse, alas I am bigger than small.

  • The shift dress is just stunning – I love Ted Baker for florals too – so happy I can now buy some of the collection here in Atlanta!

  • I knew your 2012 shirt was Liberty of London the moment I spotted it. Darling. And the wedding dress you’ve shown here is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Beautiful wedding bouquet – such subtle colours. And love the sandals!

  • oooh, I’m loving those Liberty prints.

    And, that bouquet of yours is just exquisite, really where can you ever go from there, I agree! x

    7:04 pm
    Lisa said...

    I know other flowers, other bouquets are gorgeous too. So many talented florists. But this one, for me, was it.

  • Well no maybe not affordable but definitely gorgeous!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  • At first I really loved the pink floral from J. Crew but then the non-wedding dressed peeked through the horizon and boy is that a work of art? Wow. But hands down the wedding bouquet takes the prize.

  • Your bouquet is stunning, so lovely. It leaves the clothes in the shade.

    Your references to J. Crew brings up something I’ve been wondering about for some time, hope you don’t mind my asking. I’m trying to figure out why so many bloggers love J. Crew so much, especially since I also read a lot of comments about poor quality. Maybe it’s because I’m in Canada and have no history with them. Could you help me to get this? Maybe a comparison to other retailers might help me ‘place’ them?

    7:06 pm
    Lisa said...

    Good question. Do you have Anthropologie? They are perhaps in that range, but more polished? Or else just below the standalone Red by Valentino stores? They do occupy a niche of their own, because their colors and fabrics are so appealing. What retailers are you familiar with, then I could maybe do a better job?

  • I love dresses for the summer with small floral prints. I have one or two and have ordered another one, as they seem timeless. Erdem makes such gorgeous dresses….and your bouquet is stunning.

  • These are some beautiful dresses!

    Trending In Fashion
    Dressale Giveaway

  • I’d say the sandals. They are the cutest shoes ever. Wonder whether I can sport them (hummm!!!)

  • I have two degrees in English and still had to look up ‘Paillettes’ – probably because it’s French :) I pretty much hate florals but that black pailletted one would be welcome in my closet!

    I just love your blog, Sturdy Gal. And your bouquet: magnifique!

    7:06 pm
    Lisa said...

    Thank you! And I admit, we do love our big words around here:).

  • Your bouquet is the absolute best! Love it. I also love those long dresses. I find with my grey hair that prints just don’t work. I can get away with some stripes but florals and such just?????? Solids I guess for a solid lady.

  • Time to start saving for the lovely avant-garde wedding dress. Any day now….

  • Love the flowers, blouses and post !