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An Object Of Desire: Chic, Packable, Sun Hat

Sun. Ahhhhhh. Followed immediately by, “Yikes! My skin!” I’m going to propose that one thing to spend on is a sun hat you actually like to wear. Made of raffia, extremely comfortable, complete with a little neoprene buffer inside on the front of the headband to stave off itching. The infinitesimal luxuries of life. Helen [...]

When A Brand Surprises

Last week I posted some ideas for fancy dresses under $250, at A Practical Wedding. And of course Sky’s The Limit, Net-a-Porter Let Me At It is easy, at least in our imaginations. But if you’ve got a real event coming up, you might want some other options. You might want lavish, but at less [...]

6 Ways To Win A Sturdy Gal’s Valentine Heart

Cue brief spate of curmudgeonly grumbling. Valentine’s Day, like Christmas at its nadir, has a bad habit of turning substandard stuff into “gifts.” I mean, if you didn’t want the bouquet of blackening roses and baby’s breath on February 13th, you probably don’t want it on the 14th either. So say Sturdy Gals. However, give [...]

Something You Should Wear Because It Doesn’t Fit Me In Real Life

I love this jacket. Some people have queried its potential in various chats, calling it “Mao-like,” and “boxy.” I am here to tell you it’s lovely. Except if you have a broad back, which means a Medium constrains your shoulders and a Large probably flaps around the middle. Which means you return it to Steven [...]

Blue Nile Moves On Beyond Diamonds, To Infinity

Guess who wants to give you a present? Is it Santa? A Tomten? An errant elf who looks uncannily like Will Farrell? No. Blue Nile, the preeminent online diamond jeweler in the United States. Long known for what we might call their diamond-ring configurator. I confess to having played with it, day-dreaming of engagement rings. [...]

Weekend Tidbit – Moomins Are At UNIQLO

I have previously mentioned my thing about the “Moomin” characters, right? Well, as of October UNIQLO has done a licensing deal with Tove Jansson’s people – if she has people that is, and not tiny squeaky hippo creatures – and is now offering character-printed t-shirt and hoodies. Here’s an example, from UNIQLO Japan. I suspect [...]

Inviting All Northern Californians To Jigsaw London San Francisco, Thursday November the 7th, 5-7pm In The Evening

Want to meet up, anyone? Jigsaw London asked me to come to a shopping event at their San Francisco store this Thursday evening, 5-7pm. Champagne, treats, shopping, and gift bags as door prizes. Also shopping. As I’ve said before, part of holiday preparation for me is always buying one new piece. In flush years, maybe [...]

Do You Have At Least One Over-The-Top Piece?

I’d like to discuss the value of over-the-top clothing. At least in measured doses. You see, even those of us who favor Quiet Dressing bloom in adventure. Sometimes quite literally. Recently, I won a pair of Wolford tights in a giveaway over at That’s Not My Age. I love Wolford tights, they fit well and [...]

Some Online Merchants For The Grande Dames Among Us

What with sweatpants and sneakers and such, I fear we have been neglecting the Grande Dame. She does not like neglect. So let’s take a look at two recently discovered shopping venues. First, I bring you Halsbrook, perfect for the more conservative Dame. I found them on Linkshare and RewardStyle, and then began to notice [...]

What’s With The $200 Sweatpants?

Apparently, luxe sweatpants are in. How fortuitous. I need sweatpants for sitting on the sofa to write, I need presentable same for running out the door to do errands. If you wonder why the dual requirement, it has been proven that Sturdy Gals don’t like to change their sofa clothes for anything less than dinners [...]