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Unhurried, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:18am

This year I made no resolutions. Oh, I quit my personal trainer in favor of yoga and walking, but that wasn’t a resolution. Just an action. Instead I chose a word for the year. Immediately I’m a little embarrassed, I mean, that is not a High WASP behavior. Where’s the delayed gratification in a word, […]

The Light Of A Thousand Lacunae, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:11am

I love those moments when time seems to clear a space. The sound of my furnace brings it on. The sky is still overcast in the morning, everything else is quiet. Doesn’t seem that I need to prepare, or clear away anything myself. A basket of laundry sits on the floor to my right, a […]

When We Stop Hurrying, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:23am

It’s been a good week. Nothing spectacular. No prizes, no surprises, no miracles. But I caught up. I suspect you know what I mean. For years it seems I lived my life hurrying, grabbing metaphorical clothes from metaphorical racks, putting on my shoes as I ran, brushing my hair in a metaphorical car. The feeling […]

A Rapture On Leaving The House And Meeting Some Humans

Sometimes the universe reminds you to get on out. Tuesday, I met the bloggers above. Wednesday, I attended a conference for independent web publishers, given by one of the ad companies I use in my sidebar. Both events proved the glory of the new. Sandra Salin, of Apart from My Art, organized the San Francisco […]

The Moving Picture Show, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:38am

Here’s something I haven’t done in ages. Go to the movies. So, I think we’re going to remedy that today. Maybe. Plans often change. I was pleased at how quickly I could figure out a) what’s playing nearby b) what critics think of the various offerings. Google and Rotten Tomatoes, I forgive your sins of […]

Cold Feet In The Pacific On Saturday, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:27am

It’s Saturday in California! To be precise, an August Saturday, in Northern California! The whole rest of the weekend, and the rest of the month, stretch out ahead. I’m in the mood for adventure. Just like the year when my children finally began to sleep through the night, after weeks of sofa-bound illness I feel […]

Life As A Midlife Spy, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:24am

We are often encouraged to stay calm, and carry on. Serenity now, and all that. But every once in a while, let’s applaud adventure. Yesterday I walked around San Francisco. Nothing happened really, and everything did. Cities are like multiple tiny explosions, each person you pass, each red light that turns green, each glimpse of sky from behind […]

The Serenity Of Flowering Dogwood

3-2-1, cue month of online fawning over peonies. I always want to boycott. I cast no aspersions on preferences – peonies just seem too blowsy, too easy for me and my somewhat astringent tastes. Ah, give me dogwood any day. Give me flowers that appear to float on water. Give me random numbers made chlorophyll. […]

No Balls In The House, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:27am

My best friend was in town this week. We truly met when our second children (my last, her second of five) were not much more than a year old. We’d encountered each other a year prior, when I walked past her house on my way to the park, but I’d been too startled and standoffish […]

The Point Of You When There Is No To Do, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:54am

I often think life should be lived backwards. I’m not thinking of Youth is Wasted on the Young, or Everyone Should Get a Divorce Before They Get Married, although both those ideas can be true. No, I’m starting to wonder whether everyone should retire before they start their career. One morning during my quarterly Privilege […]

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